My glossary for stuff that does not necessarily make it into an article.


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Make better decisions to help other achieve their goals.

GROW stands for

  • Goal: Output a SMART goal to change behavior
  • Reality: Progress so far, blockers
  • Options: Five why's, whay else can be done
  • Will: What can be done now, frequency of progress updates


A pricipal for good object oriented programming.

  • Single Responsibility Principle: A class should have a single purpose
  • Open/Closed Principle: Closed for extension, Open for modification
  • Liskov’s Substitution Principle: Child classes must be substutible by their parent classes
  • Interface Segregation Principle: An interface should describe a single purpose
  • Dependency Inversion Principle: Classes should depend on abstractions; not implementation behaviours. e.g. Couple to an interface as a dependency not the class that implements it. IoC tools can help set this up