Virgin Media Hub IP Address Conflict

21 May 2013

I received my Virgin Media Tivo and Super Hub so now came the tinkering! I wanted the Super Hub to have the IP address; like my old one! No technical reason, just personal preference!

This wasn’t so easy!

  • First log onto your router; mine was at by default.
  • The default username/password is admin/changeme.
  • Click the ‘Advance Settings’ button (at the bottom right) Superhub Home
  • Scroll down to DHCP and select DHCP Settings
  • In the IP address when I typed I got message saying: IP Address Conflict, LAN IP and Guest LAN IP can't be the same.
  • I typed; this restarted the Super Hub
  • Navigate to
  • I then entered and it worked! DHCP Settings

Back to normal :)