Team Foundation Server (TFS)

30 May 2013

I have never investigated this and decided now is a good time to have a look; it's FREE for now! I'm in the process of moving Stockport Kitchens from PHP to .NET and thought I'd store this in a TFS repository.

Setup TFS repository

It was quite simple to setup a git repository. You require a Microsoft Passport and you get a free 5 user team access account. When not at my day job I'm a one user team so this is plenty.

You get the ability to track your Sprint iterations that I’m not going to investigate today.


Create a build definition

For the project to build on TFS you need to create a build definition. I had 4 failed attempts and didn't find this easy.
I struggled around the semantics of nuget package restore and versioning strategy.
I was sure that versioning .nuget/nuget.exe was wrong. Well, when out of ideas , I added it and my build went green!

Build Definition

Running Tests

A default Build Definition will hunt for test assemblies conventionally named test.dll.


I just added a default test project.

Test Plans

I am using Visual Studio Express Web here so I don’t have the fully fledged Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) which comes with Visual Studio Ultimate.

I'm unable to look at test plans for the moment.

Good first impression

I was surprised how quickly and easy TFS was to use from Visual Studio Express.
I can’t wait to look into tests plans to see what these things are.