Panasonic SA-BT200 and XBOX One

18 July 2014

I bought an Xbox One and the digital out wasn’t working! I thought my Panasonic SA-B200 system was incompatible and has been in stereo mode for almost a year; but it’s not; it’s just that I didn’t know my tech!

This is how I got my Xbox one to output Dolby Digital surround sound via optical.

First, setup your Optical audio to be Bitstream out; with Bitstream format of Dolby Digital.


This is the point you probably won’t hear any sound? I started to play a movie on Amazon Instant to output sound.


So, here is the slightly tricky part.

Press the STATUS button until you see PCM Fix. Press the right or left arrow on the remote once to toggle between on and off.


When it’s working the surround output led will emit light and you have surround sound.

Now pop in your favourite blu-ray in the Xbox and give it a whirl. The you’ll hear sound from your rear speakers – hurrah!

It’s odd that these setting are not available in the device setup menu!