Marking upstream jobs as failed in jenkins without finger printing

14 February 2014

This script not longer works and fails with: cannot change build result while in COMPLETED

Please DISREGARD this article.


I use the Build Pipeline Plugin and the Groovy Postbuild Plugin to allow me to set all builds upstream to failed in a downstream job failed.

I have the following pipeline:


When the (Down) job fails I want to mark upstream jobs (Top) and (Root) as failed.

I did this using groovy in the post build and best of all; NO fingerprinting required!

Anyway, the script is below. Get copying and modifying!

* Will mark all upstream builds as failed if the current job is
* Fingerprinting not required.
* Author:Colin Williamson

import hudson.model.*

void log(msg) {

def failRecursivelyUsingCauses(cause) {
     if (cause.class.toString().contains("UpstreamCause")) {
        def projectName = cause.getUpstreamProject()
        def number = cause.getUpstreamRun().number
        upstreamJob = hudson.model.Hudson.instance.getItem(projectName)
        if(upstreamJob) {
             upbuild = upstreamJob.getBuildByNumber(number)
             if(upbuild) {
                 log("Setting to failed for " + projectName + " - " + number)
                 // fail other builds
                 for (upCause in cause.upstreamCauses) {
        } else {
            log("No Upstream job found for " + projectName);

if( {
    log("Must fail upstream builds");
    for (cause in {
else {
    log("Success - not changing");
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