Getting Jenkins to tag using extracted version number

15 November 2014

I feel like I'm going against the grain here as I found this simple thing difficult to implement. I wanted Jenkins-CI to:

  • Publish a Nodejs package to npm
  • Tag using the Package.json version number.

Publishing to a local NPM was easy enough. I added a custom builder Execute Windows Command.

cmd /c npm set registry http://npm
cmd /c npm publish

Tagging using the version number from Package.json was not obvious. I wanted to link the Package.json version number with the tag name.

For example, the following Package.json would result in tag 0.0.1-beta being created.


I achieved this by creating a grunt task called ci:setup which would produce a transient properties file for jenkins called

The following custom grunt task creates the

grunt.registerTask('ci:setup',function()  {
    fs.writeFile('','PKG_VERSION=' + pkg.version, this.async());

The created looks like


I then configured my job Inject Variables builder to use

The is the //builders section of config.xml for the job.

See //builders/EnvInjectBuilder element.

  <!-- Uses a local NPM registry, installs dependences and runs grunt tasks -->
    <command>cmd /c npm set registry http://local-npm
cmd /c npm install -d
cmd /c grunt ci:setup build test</command>
  <EnvInjectBuilder plugin="envinject@1.89">
    <command>cmd /c npm set registry http://local-npm
cmd /c npm publish</command>
  <hudson.plugins.git.GitPublisher plugin="git@2.2.1">
        <tagMessage>Published by Jenkins-CI.</tagMessage>
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